Cases and resources in vascular techniques

This section provides a selection of cases and resources provided by experts in vascular techniques.

Considering the clinical evaluation and medical history of this 87-year-old patient with symptomatic AAA, suggest a treatment plan prior to uncovering the subsequent course of this case!

Éric Ducasse

Would you be able to determine the most effective treatment plan for a 73-year-old patient whose aneurysm sac has enlarged after two years of stability post-endovascular repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Éric Ducasse

Who better than François Saussy, current chairman of the ESVS e-library, to tell us about this electronic platform dedicated to digital learning in vascular surgery?

François Saussy

Following a motorbike accident, a 52-year-old man presented with lower limb ischemia with motor and sensory deficits, right tibial fracture and a related popliteal dissection, left hand luxation, and short popliteal occlusion with remaining blood flow in BTK vessels.

Marie Corniquet

Watch this video to explore carotid stenting nuances with focus on OCT analysis and MicroNet™ benefits, get CAS clinical updates, emphasizing individual stent design impact, and featuring CGUARD's improvements in clinical and subclinical neurological outcomes, and gain insights on C-GUARD's neuroprotective potential from the 30-day C-GUARDIANS trial results.

Éric Ducasse, Gianmarco de Donato, Jose Ignacio Nacho Leal, Isabelle Van Herzeele

Unlock practical insights for systematic vessel access in BEVAR, master techniques for juxtarenal aneurysms, optimize patient suitability for FEVAR, and discover effective strategies for urgent treatment of complex aortic aneurysms in this tailored PVI 2023 session.

Blandine Maurel, Carlos Timaran, Jonathan Sobocinski, Fiona Rohlffs, Tomasz Jakimowicz, Mark Farber, Barend Mees, Bernardo Mendes

Analyze the CT angiography of this 85 year-old claudicant male patient with HTA, PAD, bilateral common iliac and right CFA lesions, and tell us how you would treat!

Yann Gouëffic, Camil-Cassien Bamdé

Explore the essentials of aorto-iliac occlusive disease interventions, covering CT or MRI planning, bail-out access, vessel preparation, aortic stent selection, and detailed discussions on complications.

Hany Zayed, Michel Bosiers, Wouter Lansink

In this interview led by Efthymios Makis Avgerinos, Sarah Thomis succinctly summarises the key guidelines for compression after endovenous treatments, shedding light on whether it is a universal necessity.

Efthymios Makis Avgerinos, Sarah Thomis

Transcatheter electrosurgical septotomy for fenestrating dissection flaps, retrograde branch repair for arch branch, type B dissection repair, post-endograft completion conversion, open distal arch repair under circulatory arrest, and stent grafting for type B dissections and IMH in this video!

Carlos Timaran, Andres Schanzer, Hence Verhagen, Blandine Maurel, Viviana Grassi, Dittmar Boeckler